Teach Your Kid to Meditate
A 4-week program to help you regain control of your own emotions and teach your children to do the same


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Do you love your kids to the moon & back, but still feel like you’re failing somehow?

Dear caring parent(s),

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?…

* Why is my child so angry all the time?

* Will this phase ever end?

* Why can’t I get my child to listen to me?

* How can I help my child with their anxiety if I can’t even control my own?

You know your children are struggling – you can feel it – but you don’t know how to support them. You watch other women who seem to have it all together and wonder how they ‘get it all done’ in one day. And it feels like, no matter what you do, you can’t get it right.


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Well. Are you ready for the honest-to-goodness truth?

You’re not alone.

I see so many parents who have the same fears, the same challenges, and the same issues with their children. It’s just that we all try to hide it from each other.

Some of the emotional issues most parents talk to me about include…
Anger – Maybe your child throws temper tantrums that seem uncontrollable. He may be quick to react physically, with biting, kicking, punching, and pinching – and he may take it out on his siblings. Or maybe she has trouble transitioning from one activity to the other (getting ready for daycare, school, bed, even a new game – it’s all met with a “NO!”).
Sensitivity – Does your child take things personally? She’s very bright, but she gets angry or cries when an adult tries to correct him or her. It may even be to the point where you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around her.
Anxiety – Maybe your child is anxious all the time – she clings to you in social settings, wants you to talk for her, and doesn’t want to play with friends. Or maybe he’s afraid of sleeping (or even just being) alone. People may call your child “shy,” but you’re worried that it’s much more than that.
You may have spent many sleepless nights paralyzed in fear of what your child’s future will look like.  I get it.
Not only have I worked with hundreds of families in the same situation, but I’ve also been there myself…

It wasn’t that long ago that I was searching for answers on how to help my own son, sick and tired of spinning my wheels with little to no results and basically feeling guilty and totally frustrated.

Having a mental health and therapy background I had access to all the local resources and I used everyone I could get my hands on. Nothing worked!

And I wasn’t feeling heard – it was like none of the experts actually GOT what I was going through.

But my intuition told me there was a solution out there.

You see… too often we are faced with a ‘band-aid’ solution and never get to the root of the problem.

We ‘talk it out’ but never take action or tools to implement when we really need them.

More importantly, traditionally only the child is supported when it actually needs to be the family as a whole.

After repeated Aha’s, heavy soul searching, and figuring out some serious mind-changing, yet practical parenting strategies (relating to calming the mind, maintaining positive thinking habits, refocusing your energy and strengthening self-esteem), my family life and my children’s lives have blossomed into something utterly spectacular.

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Since breaking away from conventional ideologies, I’ve created an amazing relationship with my own children that’s not only personally rewarding but also beneficial to my children’s self-esteem.

For the past few years I’ve been teaching what I discovered to as many people as I possibly can through my website, events and one-on-one coaching.

It all boils down to this…

Self-Awareness = Happiness 

… an equation that many adults wish they had discovered as children!

While working with my clients, this concept was the one that we returned to, over and over again.

Not only were parents learning about self-awareness for themselves, but I was also showing them how to teach self-awareness to their own children.

And that’s where the magic happened.

Self-awareness isn’t just a tool and skill that adults can use to control their emotions – anyone, at any age can begin to learn this concept in order to gain more emotional control and confidence.

My clients have had so much success through teaching their children this skillset, that I decided it’s time to make this kind of training available to as many people as possible.

I decided to turn it into an easily accessible program, that you can go through with your child from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

To slam-dunk this kind of program, I knew I’d have to combine:

Cutting-edge holistic and self-awareness training
Real life, proven techniques and insight for your children that represent authentic self-expression
Turn-key guidance to taking all the guesswork out of how easy it is to incorporate meditation into your everyday lives and create the family life you desire.
Tried and true guided visualizations for attracting, inspiring and creating the confident children your friends will be drooling over.
A members-only area where you can go for support and digest the material in the comfort of your own home or even on the road (with mp3 audio’s and downloadable/print-off-able PDF workbook)
 Are you ready to raise children who are absolutely confident in who they are and have control over their big emotions?
Are you willing to let them have more fun and self-confidence?
Do you enjoy simple, proven techniques, heart-centered support and continuous insight that will guide you to raising the children you have always sought after?
If you answered yes, then allow me to introduce…
Teach Your Kid To Meditate 
A 4-week program to help your child learn about meditation, self-awareness, and emotional control.

Priceless investment $497. Click to see payment plans available 

For questions about this program please email support @heatherchauvin.com.

I honestly see Teach Your Kid To Meditate as a graduate level program in the art of self-awareness, and raising strong and confident children who are in complete control of their emotional well being.

The confidence, solutions and clarity that are strengthened and developed in this course are truly priceless.

How do I know?

Because I teach your child(ren) how to tap into their truth and clarity, and equip you with proven tools that you’ll use again and again, that really matter to you.

Some of our past members include a grade school teacher who was really interested in incorporating mindfulness in his classroom and who wanted to create a more peaceful learning environment for his students.

This program requires being open-minded: the willingness to consider new ideas and think “outside the box”, the commitment to stay in action and most importantly, a desire to change.
“I feel like I learned so much about my son through Heather’s work. How he sees himself, how he perceives what others think about him. If he loves himself and what he loves about himself. Heather has found a ‘unique’ way to create confidence in a child. As a parent I now feel like I have the tools to continue to foster these skills in my children.”
~ Vanessa

“I really enjoy Heather’s way of being down to earth and her passion for raising consciousness in children and families through her unique approach. As a yoga teacher I understand the importance of mindfulness for children but wasn’t sure how to approach children using this work. Heather’s program allowed me to understand how to work with children and I walked away with the confidence and language I was looking for.”
Laural Hicks, MSW, RSW
Week 1 – Get Your Child Started with Meditation

Parent Support Video – Introduction to Mindful Meditation for Kids
In order to help your child learn meditation, you need to have a grasp of the basics yourself. This week will serve as an introduction for both you and your child.

Kids’ Meditation #1 – Breath & Calmness
The first in the series, this meditation teaches your child how to become calm and relaxed. With practice, they will gain the ability to focus and calm themselves down instantly in times of stress. Problems at school, an upcoming test, disappointments, sadness, anger…all of these things can be better managed and understood from a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Week 2 – Understand Your Child’s Behavior

Parent Support Video – Why Kids Do What They Do
In this video, you’ll learn how your thoughts create your reality. If your child thinks, “I’m stupid,” then they won’t be motivated to participate in school, which translates into poor grades and bad reviews. But until your child’s beliefs change, they won’t be able to change their behavior. Helping your child to understand this is the first step to helping them change their behavior.

Kids’ Meditation #2 – Positive Thinking
This meditation helps your child to realize that their thoughts are just thoughts – and that they’re all okay, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. They will be able to identify what kinds of thoughts they have and start to change that negative thought into a positive thought – so they  no longer go down that spiral of, “I’m not good enough, nobody likes me.”

Week 3 – Create the Space for Your Child to Thrive

Parent Support Video –  How to Support Your Child in Being Who They Really Are
You’re learning more about your child, about who your child is. Now, it’s time for you, the parent to dive deeper with your child in doing self-acceptance work. This week, you learn how to foster this in your child, creating a space and environment where your child can be who they are, and you can support them without putting restrictions on how they are “allowed” to be.

Kids’ Meditation #3 – The One & Only YOU
This week, your child goes on an adventure to discover what is in their Quiet Place, the space where they get to be who they are, no restrictions. From here, they begin to understand how to show up as their authentic selves in this world. Understanding who they really are gives them the confidence to overcome their fears, trust their intuition, climb ever higher and beat their personal demons.

Week 4 – Letting Go of Anger & Anxiety

Parent Support Video – The Importance of Finding Your Center
The final week is all about attention and awareness. You’ll help your child learn to recognize where they focus their attention, whether that focus is positive or negative, and how to shift that attention to the positive. This relieves feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Kids’ Meditation #4 – Strength & Gratitude
We close the mediation series with teaching your child how to regain their center when negative thoughts and feelings come up. This meditation will help your child stay grounded and strong, living in the present moment, rather than swept up in negative emotions.

Let me sum it up.

This program will give your children the tools needed to become aware of their own inner world, and to stay grounded in the present moment, regardless of the day-to-day challenges they face in life.

(And you will feel empowered as a parent for knowing how to make that happen for your children.)

Typically, I see parents rushing their kids to therapy sessions, leaving more frustrated than when they got there. They go home, and the parent still doesn’t know how to support their child and feels powerless. And the child still doesn’t know how to deal with the emotions that come up.

A single therapy session generally costs anywhere between $80 to $150. And that’s just for one session, with no added support during the daily stress in between sessions.

But what if YOU could be the one to help your child?

And what if you learned a set of steps and skills to use with your child again and again, in the moment – when they actually need it?

And what if, by simply helping your child with their emotions, you were able to create a deeper connection with your child, to form a relationship that is based in trust, acceptance, and support?

What if YOU could be your child’s life coach?


With the Teach Your Kid to Meditate program, you can learn the mindset shifts, the communication skills, and how to guide your child step-by-step through dealing with their emotions.

"My son now has the ability to get his anger out in more appropriate ways. Heather is very easy to talk to, being a parent I feel like she could empathize where I was coming from and I never felt judged, always supported."
~ Danielle
Sounds good, Heather!! Where do I get started?

Here’s a reminder of everything you get:
4 30-minute Parent Support Videos
4 5-minute Kids’ Guided Meditations
Scripts, Guides & Activities
Access to the Parent Resource Center
Access to the Private Facebook Group
BONUS MATERIAL:  Hand-picked interviews from the Mom Is In Control Telesummit to further support you.

So… are you Game?

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"Before I listened to the meditations, I was feeling depressed, a little upset and tired because school is depressing. I have a lot of homework to do, math is hard and I’m just really tired. I listened to Heather’s meditations and now I feel happy. I’m no longer upset and depressed. I feel awesome actually. I’m just happier. I feel rejuvenated. I like them because they are relaxing. I thought it was really cool because I got to use my imagination."
~ Kolby, age 11

"What I enjoyed best working with Heather is seeing the change in my son’s behavior. Heather helped him discover the confidence in himself to handle life’s surprises. This training is beneficial because it provided my son with the tools he needs to effectively deal with situations he experiences in his daily life."
~ Bob and Divina Price

"My eyes were instantly opened to a whole new way of seeing things. I now understand how my thoughts and beliefs have been slowing me down from getting to where I want to be.

Using the tools I have learned with Heather, I now know how to change those beliefs and move onwards in a positive way. I have also gained confidence in using mindful techniques with all kinds of children, at home or in the classroom.​​​​​​​"
~ Linda York

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